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CEO’s Message

We sincerely welcome you for visiting Sang Jin website.

We sincerely welcome you for visiting Sang Jin website. For about 40 years since its foundation in 1981, Sang Jin Co., .Ltd.has been a dedicated pioneer in the wasteland of synthetic resin film industry through ceaseless research and development

Starting with polypropylene film, the company's earliest clothing and dried fish packaging, we achieved technical accumulation through gradual development of high-density polyethylene and laminating films used in shopping bags. Leveraging this, we created industrial protective films in 1997 through which the competitiveness of Korea’s IT industry was increased.. Our endeavor also extends to improving our processes for maximum efficiency in production and quality. We are working with electronic measurement equipment, such as automatic formulation and transportation equipment for raw materials and automatic contamination detectors to connect with electronic systems towards a goal of 0% defect rate.

Sang Jin will continue to develop innovative technologies to create high value-added products as a leader in the domestic synthetic resin industry . We will make customer satisfaction a top priority and become a global company.

Company Overview

Company name

Sang Jin Co., Ltd.
(Sang Jin Chemistry)


Jinchul Park

Foundation date


Core products

Food packaging and industrial film

Number of employees


Average Output

3,700 tons/month

Sales Revenue

Approx. $ 823M (2022)


Sang Jin Co., Ltd. 1560, Seokgok-ri, Asan City, Chungcheong-nam do, South Korea